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Using our transformational and strategic HR expertise, we will make sure that your people strategies are aligned with your organisation’s business plan.

Strategic HR focuses on the long-term business goals and how your business and its’ people will adapt, evolve and develop based on these goals.

We will mentor and support business owners and managers through business transformation and change. We can act as a change agent for your business, ensuring you have friendly challenge from a trusted HR professional.

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Typical Work Streams

Here are just some examples of the valuable transformation people solutions we can provide for you:

Organisation Design and Development

The process of analysing and shaping the structure of the business to reflect the business plan whilst taking into consideration any influential factors that may shape the organisation development and design.

Transformation and Change Management

Organisational change can be prompted by a number of influential forces including the financial climate, customers, markets, technology, product development and legislation. The strategic HR process lays out an organisational redesign that is sympathetic to the long-term business goals and maximises the potential of its people.

  • Restructures
  • Redundancies
  • Outplacement Support
  • Changing Terms and Conditions
  • New Ways of Working
  • TUPE – business transfers, mergers and acquisitions and life after
  • TUPE
Focus Groups

When you want to reach out to your people and gain their insight and feedback, we can help you by delivering impartial, unbiased focus groups.

Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is an employee that will go the extra mile to help the business. Creating a mutually-beneficial relationship, based on trust, will develop engaged employees that are not only happier and healthier, but they are committed to improving business productivity and customer satisfaction. Involving your employees in the early stages of consultation or change processes is a great way to gain their buy in and engagement.

We can help to deliver frequent pulse survey solutions to rapidly engage your people

Performance Management

We will help you implement and embed continuous Strengths Based Performance Management Processes. This is complemented by the Performance Management Module built into our HR Software enabling you to keep performance management live in your organisation.

Workforce Planning

A planned and systematic approach to enabling sustained organisation performance through the involvement of its people’. Planning ahead in terms of years for the roles and skills of your workforce is critical to ensure your people evolve with your business demands.

Talent Management and Succession Planning

Build a high-performance workplace that will satisfy immediate and future requirements by attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining high-calibre individuals.

Linked closely with talent management, succession planning focuses on identifying and developing key people to fill business-critical roles within the organisation.

Pay and Reward
  • Pay and Grading Structures
  • Benchmarking
  • Job Evaluation
  • Reward and Benefits Review – it’s not just about pay.

For transforming those tricky workplace conflicts.

Find out more.

Defining and Embedding Company Values

All organisations have values but they are not always defined; it’s what makes your organisation unique and stand out from your competitors. A strong brand will reflect your organisations values and enable you to compete for, recruit and retain the right people for your organisation.

Training and Workshops
Workplace Coaching

Enabling your employees to explore opportunities, clarify their goals and develop solutions.

Data Analysis

Understanding your internal data (skills, abilities and knowledge of your team) and external research can be vital to an effective organisation and future recruitment. Developing a HR data dashboard, capturing and analysing metrics such as labour turnover, absence levels, vacancy gaps, agency or temporary workforce percentages and the cost of recruitment all help you to understand how your business is performing over time and enables you to focus on improving areas with weaker performance.

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