HR Policies and Procedures

Essential Hr Policies And Procedures For A Modern Organisation

Commissioning HR operates on the principles of having Key HR Policies and Procedures in place, rather than an outdated Employee Handbook.

Experience shows that an Employee Handbook is an out-dated HR concept in the modern world of technology and communication. Commissioning HR has come across many organisations that produce an employee handbook that quickly goes out of date and does not get applied in practice. When one aspect of the handbook requires updating, the whole handbook needs to be reprinted and communicated and reissued. Larger organisations have, for a long time, moved to separate HR Policies and Procedures.

Our policies are customisable to each organisations practice and terms and conditions. There are optional sections for organisations that want to offer enhancements above statutory legislation. They are simple to follow and build in best practice relevant to your type of organisation. When legislation changes, either through statutory amendments or case law, the policy this relates to can easily be updated independently of the other policies in place.

Your policies can either be up-loaded to an intranet site, or better still, why not sign up to our HR Software and use this as a platform to store important company documents and announcements.

You will have obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation as well. We can help you navigate this. It’s not fun but it is essential.

We Value Your Values

Commissioning HR’s HR policy suite is designed to build in the ethos of the organisation and for all policies to link together where appropriate.

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– HR Policies and Procedures –

Our Comprehensive HR Polices

The Essential HR Policy Suite
  1. Equal Opportunities Policy
  2. Disciplinary Policy
  3. Grievance Policy
  4. Harassment & Bullying Policy
  5. Whistleblowing Policy
  6. Absence Management Policy
  7. Performance Improvement Policy
  8. Holiday Policy
  9. Flexible Working Policy
  10. Time off for Dependants Policy
  11. Maternity and Family Friendly Policy
  12. Social Media Policy
  13. GDPR compliant Data Protection Policy for Employees
  14. Anti-Bribery Policy
  15. Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy
  16. Probationary Policy
  17. Recruitment Policy
  18. Wellbeing Policy
  19. Menopause Policy
  20. Homeworking Policy
  21. Modern Slavery Policy
From £995 + VAT
The GDPR For Employment Toolkit

Policies, Privacy Notices and Clauses

1.         GDPR Data Protection Policy for Employees
2          Data Retention Policy
3          Subject Access Request Policy
4          Data Security Policy
5          Data Protection Breach Reporting Policy
6          Employee Privacy Notice
7          Recruitment – Applicant Privacy Notice
8          NEW Data Protection Contract Clause
9          Medical Consent Statement
10        Equality and Diversity Data Consent Statement

Audit Guidance
A1        How to Determine the Legal Grounds for Processing Employee Data Under GDPR
A2        How to Conduct an Audit of HR Related Personal Data for GDPR
A3        CIPD Retention of Records Factsheet

C1        GDPR Compliance Checklist

F1        Data deletion request form
F2        Data objection request form
F3        Data rectification request form
F4        Data restriction request form
F5        Subject Access request form
F6        Consent Form for Employees Who Leave
F7        Consent Form for Existing Employees
F8        Consent Form for New Employees
F9        Consent Form for Unsuccessful Job Applicants

L1        Letter to current employees notifying of new GDPR requirements
L2        Third Party Data Processor Letter

Subject Access Request Letters
L3         Letter asking employee to pay a fee for relating to a subject access request
L4        Letter asking employee to provide ID relating to subject access request
L5        Letter in response to subject access request
L6        Letter informing of extension of time to comply with subject access request

R1        Register of HR Related Personal Data
R2        Data Protection Breach Register

The GDPR Toolkit is available to buy separately for £295 + VAT

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